This course is designed to introduce you to Reiki, a universal life force that has been used to realign mental, physical and emotional imbalances. You will learn how to harness Reiki and take better care of your mind, body and soul.

This online course is self-paced to meet your time schedule. Upon registration, you will have access to the tutorials, for example,

  • videos (Default English. Feel free to choose another language from the dropdown menu)
    • Other languages include Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • downloadable resources

Who should attend? Both beginners and experienced natural healers. Some of the greatest benefits of Reiki energy healing are stress reduction, relaxation and liberate your creativity. This course covers what is Reiki (definition), history, what does Reiki do, hand positions for self healing touch and more.

Once you've gone through all the lectures and completed the required exercises, you will take a Reiki Level I final exam. Upon passing your final exam, you will receive a Usui Reiki Level I certificate (PDF) via email showing your Reiki lineage.

You will also be attuned via a distance Reiki Attunement Ceremony for Reiki Level I after which your psychic, intuitive and creative abilities will be raised by between 50 to 80%. With an increased vibratory level, you will begin a Tranceformational process on different aspects of your life.

Course Length: 2-3 hours to complete all lessons


  • Access to the Internet
  • No prior Reiki knowledge required


Beth Fiedler

Reiki Master/Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Inspirational Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker