Chapter 1 Introduction
  Chapter 2 Reiki Energy
  Chapter 3 The History of Reiki
  Chapter 4 Reiki Principles
  Chapter 5 Reiki Attunement
  Chapter 6 Reiki Applications
  Chapter 7 Wrap Up
  Chapter 8 Namaste

Reiki Levels

There are three levels of Reiki training

1st Degree: Reiki I or Shoden in Japanese - This is entry-level Reiki training where you study Reiki history, learn how to perform self-Reiki, and how to give Reiki to someone else (in person), and are initiated (attuned) for life to the first level Reiki energy.

2nd Degree: Reiki II or Okuden in Japanese - You learn how to use the first three Reiki symbols and how to perform distant Reiki techniques. You receive an attunement to the second level Reiki energy. Upon completion, you are considered a Reiki practitioner.

3rd Degree: Reiki III or Shinpiden in Japanese - This is the Master Teacher level of Reiki. You learn the Master Reiki symbol and how to give the Reiki attunements to others. You receive the Master Reiki attunement. Upon completion, you are considered a Reiki master. Some Reiki masters may choose to teach and become a Reiki teacher.